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Cork as Beads

About Susan Weston and Beads that work

Beads in any shape, size, form, or material have held a special fascination since our first desire for adornment. Most assuredly, jewelry has held Susan's attention from a very early age. Long supported and encouraged, it is now our privilege to offer this fine collection in our website.

Beads work in as many ways as one can devise. Traditions see their uses as currency, as barter, as wealth, as channels to the Divine. Or, perhaps the most important use, is as the cherished accent to your favorite ensemble.

Susan's spirit is one of wanderlust - ever seeking the most uncommon and the more innovative from the remotest source. Searches have taken her to Greece, where she once bought the entire stock of keychains from a sidewalk vendor in Mistra. Also, to Peru where she found it challenging to decide which to savor - the hot bread fresh from the eucalyptus wood fired ovens or the bales of hand-painted beads. The street markets of Leh, Ladakh present difficult decisions to make between turquoise and coral, or both plus purchasing native crafts. The ultimate challenge came one day while holding a cork and musing......there must be a way to string this.

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Come visit me at the largest bead society extravaganza in the US! Centrally located in Oakland, visit the link below for more information.

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